Aikotoba III Cover Featuring Takanashi Kiara and Gawr Gura Available Now

Ai Kotoba

Hololive has released a new music video featuring HoloEN talents Takanashi Kiara and Gawr Gura covering the vocaloid song Aikotoba III.

The video premiered late on Tuesday May 4th and features artwork, animation, and editing work from artist YunarunAikotoba III is a vocaloid song that came out in 2017 from composter DECO*27 whose other original songs include Love Doll, Undead Alice, Starlight Girl, and many more.

Kiara and Gura (along with many other Hololive members) frequently cover Japanese songs during karaoke streams though proper music videos and covers are rarer. Kiara has released multiple original songs as well. Though this release of Aikotoba III appears to be Gura’s first music video with Hololive and may lead to more in the future (maybe even an original song? We can hope).

You can find the music video for Aikotoba III below.

This May seems to be a big month for the girls of HoloEN with new music videos and each of the girls receiving a new outfit that’s being debuted early on in the month.



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