Alice Gear Aegis Expansion premieres in 2023

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion

The upcoming anime Alice Gear Aegis Expansion, based on the mobile game Alice Gear Aegis will premiere sometime next year.

Announced earlier this year and originally released as a mobile game in 2018, Alice Gear Aegis is a 3D third-person shooter for mobile devices. Women outfitted with “Alice Gear” are able to fight off extra-dimensional invaders called the Weiss.

A summary of the game from the Alice Gear Aegis subreddit can be found below.

The mysterious different-dimensional lifeforms “Weiss” suddenly flew to the Earth. There was no way for human beings to do anything with the weapons that do not pass modern weapons at all, and to prevent extinction, humanity created a spacecraft “shard” using the moon’s crust. Leaving the terrestrial sphere and leaving for space, the wonder of Weiss did not go away.

In their long voyage, mankind discovers “high-dimensional energy” that can only be extracted by women in their teens and thirties. Realizing that high-dimensional energy is the key to breaking Weiss’s shield, mankind developed the Alice Gear, an anti-Weiss weapon that uses that energy. Although only a few humans were capable of drawing high-dimensional energy, mankind eventually gained the means to fight Weiss.

After three centuries. Due to the establishment of the anti-weiss organization “AEGIS”, the improved safety of Alice gear, and the decrease in the population of Weiss itself, women who are now equipped with Alice gear are now known as “Actresses”. A licensed profession that allowed them to participate in the extermination of Weiss outside the shard through AEGIS and its licensed companies.

And this is your story, the new captain, who guides the Actress girls wearing Alice Gear and saving mankind who roam the universe.

An English release for Alice Gear Aegis Expansion has yet to be announced.



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