Aria The Crepuscolo Premieres in Japanese Theaters March 5


The upcoming animated film Aria The Crepuscolo will premiere in Japanese theaters on March 5th.

Aria The Crepuscolo is the latest addition to the Aria series. Originally beginning as a manga in 2002 by Kozue Amano, an anime series was released in 2005 and followed by a spinoff series and multiple OVAs.

Aria takes place in the distant future after humanity has terraformed Mars into an ocean-covered planet able to support life. The series follows the daily lives of girls working for gondola companies in Neo-Venezia, a Martian recreation of the city of Venice.

You can read a summary from MyAnimeList below.

“In the distant future, humanity has terraformed Mars into an oceanic planet to suit their needs. Now known as Aqua, the planet serves as a new home for people discontent with living on Manhome—the planet formerly known as Earth. Being a perfect imitation of Manhome’s Venice, the town of Neo-Venezia has inherited all of the rustic charms of the original. Gondolas weave their way through the waterways of the dreamy town while nostalgic alleys await those who travel on foot.

Akari Mizunashi, a young Manhome native, has recently made Neo-Venezia her new home. To pursue her dream of becoming a gondolier tour guide—or Undine—Akari joins the Aria Company, one of the most renowned water guide companies in town. As she basks in a simple lifestyle unavailable on Manhome, Akari cheerily ambles through her daily life in Neo-Venezia: the town where magic and miracles abound.”

Aria The Crepuscolo will follow the story of the girls working for the water guide company Orange Planet. The film will feature a completely original story from creator Kozue Amano.

You can watch the trailer for the film below.

An official English premiere date for Aria The Crepuscolo has yet to be announced. The 2005 anime series is licensed by Nozomi Entertainment.



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