Attack on Titan: Chronicle Movie Announced, Compiles First Three Seasons

The first three seasons of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) are being condensed into a single animated movie called Attack on Titan: Chronicle.

In a recent tweet, the official Twitter for the anime announced the upcoming movie. The new movie will catch new fans to the series up to date on all that’s occurred in Attack on Titan, in anticipation of the upcoming final season for the series.

“[Attack on Titan] Chronicle ]
Prior to the broadcast of The Final Season, “Attack on Titan” -Chronicle-, a re-edited version of TV anime Seasons 1-3 (59 episodes) as a single movie, will begin on Friday, July 17, 2020. It has been decided that it will be released to the theater for a limited time!”

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You can watch the announcement trailer for Attack on Titan: Chronicle below.

Attack on Titan follows Eren Yeager and others ,who live in an isolated nation that’s plagued by powerful monsters known only as Titans.

The Titans force Eren’s people to live behind massive walls in order to protect themselves, but the appearance of a gigantic titan that overshadows the wall results in the death of Eren’s parents. This encourages him to join the Scout Regiment that goes beyond the walls to fight the Titans.

The movie will receive a limited theatrical release, and more details can be found on the official page for Attack on Titan: Chronicle.

“A very popular work with a total circulation of 100 million copies worldwide
The latest movie version of “Attack on Titan” has been decided!

This time, we re-edited the TV animation that was broadcasted in all episodes 1 to 3 as a movie.

From ‘that day’ when the walls that protect humankind were destroyed by the invasion of giants,
Following the battle and growth trajectory of the boy [Eren Yeager] who swore to destroy all the giants,
It is truly a work that should be called an “Introduction to Attack on Titan”.

‘The Final Season’ will be broadcast on NHK General.
The story of [Eren] and others will finally come to an end.

Please read this as a preparation and a review before that.”

Translation: Google Translate (Adjusted)

Attack on Titan: Chronicle will premiere on July 17th in a limited run at select theaters in Japan.



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