Blue Giant hits Japanese theaters February 2023

Blue Giant

The upcoming anime film Blue Giant will premiere in Japanese theaters in February of next year.

The film follows the story of Dai Miyamoto, a young man who’s inspired to give up basketball and pursue his newfound passion for Jazz music. You can check out the trailer for the film below.

“I will definitely become the world’s best Jazz player!”

Blue Giant follows Dai Miyamoto, who is a member of the basketball club. While attending junior high school one day, a friend takes him to a live jazz performance, which inspires him deeply. Thereafter, he begins practicing the tenor saxophone by himself, without the ability to read sheet music.

Rain or shine, day or night, Dai continues to practice. During his first performance, he is criticized by the audience, however, Dai passionately blows away at his saxophone. A tale of reaching his goal recklessly and sincerely begins.

Source: MyAnimeList

An English release for Blue Giant has yet to be announced.



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