Bocchi the Rock! Anime Adaptation Announced

Bocchi the Rock!

An anime adaptation of the slice of life series Bocchi the Rock! has been announced. A premiere date for the series has yet to be announced at the time of publishing.

Bocchi the Rock! is a slice-of-life comedy series that follows high school student Hitori Gotou. Gotou dreams of being a guitarist, but her overwhelming shyness and anxiety makes it hard to make friends, let alone join a band.

The anime adaptation was announced on the Twitter page of series creator Aki Hamaji.

Thankfully, fellow student Nijika Ijichi is a drummer in desperate need of a guitarist. The two meet and the pair of friends do their best to get their band dreams off the ground, despite Gotou’s timidity.

The series began in 2017 by creator Aki Hamaji. Bocchi the Rock! is Hamaji’s first solo project, having only been published before in several anthology manga alongside other creators.

At the time of publishing, an English premiere has not been announced and at the time not even the manga is licensed in North America.



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