Chinese Version of The Way of the Househusband Reportedly Censors Tattoos

the way of the househusband

According to Twitter sources, the Chinese broadcast of The Way of the Househusband has censored the appearances of character tattoos.

The Way of the Househusband is a series that follows the former Yakuza member “The Immortal Dragon” Tatsu after he settles down with his working wife Miku. You can read a summary of the series from publisher Viz Media below.

“He was the fiercest member of the yakuza, a man who left countless underworld legends in his wake. They called him “the Immortal Dragon.” But one day he walked away from it all to travel another path—the path of the househusband! The curtain rises on this cozy yakuza comedy!”

Taiwanese Twitter user @Abalamindo was among one of the users to note the disparity between the Japanese and Chinese broadcasts. The user claims that the changes were made at the production stage when distributed to Chinese broadcasters and makes no distinction between changes that the Peoples’ Republic of China would mandate and Taiwan as the two nations presumably have differing broadcasting standards.

At the time of publishing there has been no comment from studio J.C. Staff or Netflix about the censorship of the Chinese version of the series.



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