Detective Conan Hits Episode 1000 This March

Detective Conan

The 1000th episode of Detective Conan will finally premiere next month on March 6th.

Detective Conan (also known in the west as Case Closed) is a mystery series with some sci-fi elements. The series began in 1994 from creator Gosho Aoyama.

The sci-fi elements present in the series are just small technological oddities. These typically appear in the form of gadgets or miraculous serums that are rarely more outrageous than some James Bond gadgets.

Since the inception of the series, Detective Conan has gone on to be one of the longest-running anime series. Currently Detective Conan is the 8th longest running anime series still in production.

Films for Detective Conan also release on an almost year basis. There have also been spin-offs and crossovers based on the series.

Detective Conan follows the adventures of the genius high school detective Shinichi Kudo. However after running afoul of the “Black Organization”, he’s knocked out and forcefed an allegedly traceless poison.

The poison is ineffective and rather than kill him, it regresses his body to that of a child. Since the news didn’t report his death, the Black Organization fears he’s still alive.

With no other option, Shinichi disguises himself with the fake identity Conan Edogawa and is able to stay with his girlfriend and father, Ran and Mouri Kogorou (the latter of which is an alcoholic and unsuccessful detective). Neither of them know the truth about his identity.

Episodes follow Conan as he tags along with Detective Kogorou and solves mysteries on his behalf, all the while looking for a way to turn back to normal and expose the Black Organization.

The 1000th episode of Detective Conan will air on March 6th. Detective Conan is currently available as a simulcast on the Crunchy Roll streaming service; and the 1000th episode will speculatively premiere there in the west.

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