Discotek Media is rereleasing the infamous Ghost Stories dub

Ghost Stories Discotek Media

Anime retailer and home media licensor Discotek Media has announced a new Blu-ray release of Ghost Stories. This rerelease will include Japanese subtitles for a more authentic viewing experience, and more surprisingly will include the infamous dub from ADV films.

Allegedly, the team at ADV was basically given carte blanche to do whatever they wanted with the series as long as it would sell. Major characters and ghosts needed to have their names remain, possibly due to the terms of the license, but with such open permission, script writer Ste7en Foster (don’t ask me why he spells it with a 7 now) turned the show into a gag comedy with irreverent humor. That sort of humor makes it all the more surprising it’s getting an official rerelease 15 years later. It’s a meme to say something could never be made today, but I promise you that the Ghost Stories dub really couldn’t be made today. You can find a clip compilation of dub moments from the series from Retrocrush below.

Beneath the funny dub is also the original Japanese series: a horror anthology featuring a core cast of characters which is actually entertaining, the series seems like it’s more for kids but when has that stopped weebs? I’m looking at you, Pretty Cure fans.

Viewers can get their hands on the Ghost Stories rerelease from Discotek Media when it comes out next Winter.



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