Disney: Twisted-Wonderland Anime Announced

Disney: Twisted Wonderland

An upcoming anime series based on the mobile game Disney: Twisted-Wonderland has been announced.

Originally released last year, Disney: Twisted-Wonderland is an adventure and rhythm game taking place in a fictional academy with characters loosely based off of popular Disney films. In addition to the game’s rhythm section and battles, it’s also an otome game with the main character “Yuu” being surrounded by the handsome men of the academy.

These are inspired Disney villains; such as Maleficent, Scar, Hades, Ursula, and the Evil Queen. One of the few exceptions is Kalim Al-Asim. Sources indicate he is based on the Sultan in Aladdin, though some felt he was inspired by Iago. While Riddle Rosehearts is seemingly inspired by the Queen of Hearts, she is her own character within that universe.

The game features character designs from Black Butler creator Yano Toboso. At the time of publishing a studio for the series has yet to be announced.




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