Hey Nicchiban fans. We truly care about our fellow weebs and otaku—not the advertising companies, publishers, and so on. We cannot stress this being our core goal with Nicchiban enough.

What comes from this is that relying on advertising revenue is simply not sustainable for us. We want to focus on the quality of our content, the amount of exposure we can give those unloved games, and the mutual love for games we can share with our fans.

We want to make Nicchiban bigger and better, but sadly we don’t have the money to keep doing this on our own, so we’re looking to you guys to help us via our Patreon and individual donations.

All of the funding spending with our Patreon will be disclosed every month in our backer newsletter, as well as in a public report on our website. Subscribing to our club every month comes with some awesome perks:

  • Advertising-free browsing of our website
  • Private, direct communication with our staff through our Discord server

You can find our Patreon and our various backer reward tiers here, as well as our Subscribestar here. You can also donate once or with a reoccurring monthly payment via our Paypal as an alternative, which you can find below:



If you have any questions regarding the donation process, please send us a message via our contact form.