Eleven Arts Acquires License to Shirobako: The Movie

Shirobako The Movie

Anime distributor Eleven Arts announced the acquisition of Shirobako: The Movie to their growing library of films.

The acquisition by the distributor was announced on the official Twitter account for Eleven Arts. The film is the sequel to the 2014 anime series and premiered earlier this year.

Shirobako (lit. White Box) is a series following the lives of five aspiring anime creators after experiencing setbacks on their dreams due to the pressures of adulthood. Though the five friends experience their share of hardships, they all meet together and try one last push to make something they can call their own.

Writer’s Note: Spoilers for Shirobako (2014) ahead.

Shirobako: The Movie is the sequel to the anime series and takes place four years after the events of the anime series. Musashino Animation, is given a job to create an animated film for theatrical release and Aoi Miyamori is put in charge of the project.

With growing doubt and uncertainty, Miyamori struggles with uncertainty that she or the studio can do the job. If things weren’t difficult enough, she also has a new colleague to deal with. Though things are difficult, the Musashino Animation team does their best to get the job done.

An official western release date for Shirobako: The Movie has yet to be announced.

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