Engage Kiss premieres this summer

Engage Kiss

The original TV anime Engage Kiss will premiere this July as part of the summer 2022 anime season.

Engage Kiss is a sci-fi romantic comedy series that follows a young man who’s terrible with money and two girls who care for him.

Shuu is a young man who’s known for his frivolous spending and poor frugality. He’s constantly struggling to get by and his difficulties don’t go unnoticed.

Kisara is a high school girl who hangs around Shuu’s work and home, making herself available to be there to help because she’s fond of him.

Meanwhile Ayano is Shuu’s ex-girlfriend and senpai at his company and she can’t manage to completely cut things off. Not when they see each other every day at work and she might still have feelings for him.

All three of them live and work on an artificial island in the Pacific Ocean.


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