Fate/stay Night Series Celebrates 15th Anniversary With Special Event

TYPE-MOON, the creators of the original Fate/stay Night, have announced a special event celebrating 15 years of its existence and the trajectory of its story and how it’s developed over time.

According to the official release announcement, it seems there will be a lottery of sorts held lasting from December 20th, 2019 until February 27th, 2020 at various dates spanned across those months. The events will be held at the Sony Music Roppongi Museum venue.

Here’s a look at the three posters from the event:

I personally am looking forward to the 3rd movie for Heaven’s Feel, as its really turned into one hell of a ride and has made me rethink all I thought I knew about the Fate/stay series. Which, to be honest, is what I imagine the creators intended.



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