Fire Force Collaborates With the Fire and Disaster Management Agency to Boost Recruitment

Fire Force Collab

Fire Force, a series that features youths with pyrokinetic powers that combat living flames is teaming up with the Fire and Disaster Management Agency to encourage Japanese citizens to become real fire fighters.

The collaboration was announced on the official Twitter page for the Fire Force anime series. The Fire and Disaster Management Agency acts as a national organization that provides consistent standards set between prefectures and cities.

A tie-up with the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been established.

Firefighters recruiting poster in collaboration with the Fire Department

From today, it will be posted in all prefectures and municipalities across the country. Please pay attention to the fire brigade as the core of local disaster prevention to protect the safety and security of the community!

Translation: DeepL

The new cross-promotion is intended to encourage those interested to look into joining their municipal or prefecture fire departments.

Cross promotions between anime and manga series with emergency relief organizations aren’t uncommon. The Japanese Red Cross has partnered with virtual YouTuber Akatsuki UNI and with the series Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! in the past.

While previous collaborations with the Red Cross have included free goodies to give to blood donors, Fire Force has only unveiled a new poster that will be posted publicly.



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