Full Metal Alchemist Creator Releases New Manga Series “Yomi no Tsugai” Next Month

Yomi no Tsugai

The creator of Full Metal Alchemist, Hiromu Arakawa will begin a new series in Shonen Gangan magazine, called Yomi no Tsugai.

A visual of the new series could be seen on the cover of November’s issue of Shonen Gangan. The magazine also contains an exclusive synopsis of the series which has been shared by the news blog ComicBook.

“Arakawa’s new story will follow Yuru as the boy lives peacefully atop a remote mountain with his twin sister. Things are shaken up when Asa is called to work at their village’s prison, and Yuru travels with his sister from their faraway home. And once the two enter the city, the twins begin unraveling a dark secret about their quaint village.”

While there is no official translation, Yomi no Tsugai would roughly translate as “Hinge of the Underworld” (ComicBook), or “Turn of the Underworld” (DeepL, Adjusted).

The series creator Hiromu Arakawa is mostly known for his series Fullmetal Alchemist which ran from 2001 to 2010 and was also serialized in Shonen Gangan.

At present, an English release of the series has yet to be announced. More details about the series are forthcoming and will be posted here on Nicchiban.



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