Funimation to Stream Sakura Wars the Animation

Funimation announced that Sakura Wars the Animation will be available in their Spring 2020 streaming lineup.

Sakura Wars is a multimedia franchise that began in 1996 with a video game for the Sega Saturn. Since then the series has been represented in manga, anime, light novels, and OVAs. The latest release in the franchise is the 2019 video game and soft reboot of the series which is simply titled Sakura Wars.

Set in an alternate steampunk history of the world, Sakura Wars follows newly appointed captain Seijuro Kamiyama of the Imperial Combat Revue. However in contrast to the international conflict of the real early 20th century, the Imperial Combat Revue and other military organizations around the world dedicate themselves to fighting demons.

It is up to Seijuro to lead and shape up the Revue’s Flower Division, which performs artistically in times of peace, but has recently suffered from a bad reputation.

Sakura Wars the Animation is being directed by Manabu Ono (A-Channel, The Asterisk War) and animated by Sanzigen (Black Rock Shooter).

You can watch the latest trailer below.

Sakura Wars the Animation will premieres April 3rd in Japan, and Spring 2020 via Funimation.

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