Guild of Depravity may appear uncensored on AT-X

Guild of Depravity

AT-X is a premium latenight channel in Japan which is known for showing uncensored anime. Guild of Depravity (Futoku no Guild) is an upcoming anime series with a manga known for its lecherous fanservice and luckily fans may be able to watch it uncensored as it airs.

In the past anime fans have had to wait for the inevitable uncensored Bluray release for popular series; but with channels like AT-X keeping NSFW content behind a latenight paywall, the series can air uncensored. Last year’s Redo of Healer released in a similar way, with three versions of varying degrees of censorship. The uncensored “Complete Recovery” version also aired on AT-X.

Futoku no Guild (Guild of Depravity) is an ecchi fantasy series that follows the monster hunter Kikuru Madan. After Kikuru tells the guild he wants to retire, they guilt him into training up young adventurers as without Kikuru, the town won’t have anyone skilled protecting it.

Kikuru begrudgingly accepts, but it’s too late when he realizes just how hopeless things really are. His first student is Hitamu Kyan, a martial artist who’s hopelessly clumsy and constantly getting into compromising situations due to her own inability.

Things only get worse from there and Kikuru finds himself surrounded by girls with more ambition than talent. They all constantly get themselves into lewd situations and are sometimes at the mercy of the monsters they seek to hunt, and unfortunately it’s Kikuru’s job to turn them into competent hunters.




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