Gundam Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino Criticizes Makoto Shinkai Movies for Avoiding Sexuality

Mobile Suit Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino recently shared interesting thoughts on a competitor – the superstar director, Makoto Shinkai. Tomino commented on Shinkai’s work, noting his characters never really mature, or show off sexuality.

The interviewer (from Weekly Playboy, via Yara-On!) noted that in Shinkai’s work, there are many situations where the words and actions of the hero and heroine can change the world, or a part of it. Tomino had some direct criticism of this aspect of those movies.

“Those movies show the hero and heroine reaching their hands out to each other, over and over. Despite their advances, the hero’s hand won’t reach for the heroine’s crotch. Why is it ok they never go further?,” Tomino pondered. “I want a story where that isn’t all that happens.”

Tomino added, “But Shinkai is still young, so he can make something like that. His movies are making over 1 billion yen. Despite that, I object to that by saying ‘Wait a minute, this is weird!.”

In closing, Tomino really talked up his upcoming movie, Gekijouban Gundam G no Reconguista I: Ike! Core Fighter. It’s the first movie of the planned five films for the anime, and is premiering in Japanese theaters on November 29th.

“I’ll say it many times, I am trying to show there are actually different kinds of anime outside Shinkai’s work or Kyoto Animation, via Reconguista in G. I’m really glad I was able to make this movie,” Tomino said.

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