Holo no Graffiti: Blame the Heat Wave is Now Available

Holo no Graffiti

Cover Corp has released the 119th episode of their online web series Holo no Graffiti featuring the idols of Hololive.

This week’s episode titled Blame the Heat Wave stars Nakiri Ayame from the second generation of Hololive alongside Shiranui Flare from the third generation. Minor appearances are made by Watame and Fubuki.

In this week’s episode, Ayame has gotten so hot in the Hololive offices that she’s split into multiple copies (I guess that’s a thing oni do). Nevertheless, the heat doesn’t get her down and instead she decides to play a prank on Flare by offering her a shaved ice that’s so cold it’ll freeze her in ice; Watame and Fubuki have already fallen victim to her prank.

Before Ayame can prank Flare though, all the Ayames get into a fight about which one’s the real one.

Will Ayame figure out which one’s the real one? Will Flare make it to the end of the episode unfrozen? Will someone actually help Watame and Fubuki?

The 119th episode of Holo no Graffiti: Blame the Heat Wave can be found below.

The Hololive web series Holo no Graffiti is released in Japanese with English, Indonesian, and Spanish subtitles made available via YouTube’s closed captioning.

The next episode will be the 120th episode of the series and will premiere on August 22nd.



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