Holo no Graffiti: The Steam-and-Eat Syndicate is Now Available

Cover Corp has released the latest episode of their online web series Holo no Graffiti featuring the idols of Hololive.

This week’s episode titled The Steam-and-Eat Syndicate stars Roboco-san from the “0th” generation, Aki Rosenthal and Shirakami Fubuki from the 1st generation, and Shiranui Flare from the 3rd generation.

In this week’s episode, Aki is acting crazy, even by Hololive standards. Just as Roboco and Flare try and figure out what’s wrong with her, Fubuki arrives to explain that she forced Aki to fold pillow covers all night long.

According to Fubuki, she and Aki are part of the “Steam-and-Eat Syndicate” who seemingly do pointless tasks related to pillows.

This is the part where I’d ask some leading questions to hype up the episode but to be honest… this episode is just ridiculous.

The latest episode of Holo no Graffiti: The Steam-and-Eat Syndicate can be found below.

The Hololive web series Holo no Graffiti is released in Japanese with English, Indonesian, and Spanish subtitles made available via YouTube’s closed captioning.



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