Hololive’s Ceres Fauna releases first original song: Let Me Stay Here

Hololive Fauna

Ceres Fauna, a member of Hololive English has just debuted her first original song Let Me Stay Here. This makes Fauna the fourth member of Hololive Council to get an original song.

Fauna is a member of Holo Council, HoloEN’s second generation after Holo Myth premiered in 2020. Each character in Holo Council is a divine being representing a metaphysical concept such as Time, Nature, Chaos, etc. Ceres Fauna is the council member representing Nature.

In recent months Hololive has been increasing the use of their talents for musical endeavors and other idol work. Most recently they announced the new Hololive Meet project. The Meet project is intended to increase collaboration between Hololive’s English, Japanese, and Indonesian branches while bringing idol culture like paid Meet and Greets and signatures to the west.

Hololive has also announced the first solo concert for Hololive English idol Calliope Mori. The concert will be held in Japan with fans able to purchase streaming tickets for those who can’t attend in person.

You can find the music video for Fauna’s new original song Let Me Stay Here below.

Other original songs released by Holo Council include:

A New Start by Nanashi Mumei.

PLAY DICE! by Hakos Baelz.

Daydream by Ouro Kronii.

At this time Tsukumo Sana remains the only member of Holo council to not have an original song. Among Holo Myth, Amelia Watson is the only member to also not have an original song. (Unless you count REGRET which was a quick ukelele song she wrote in a karaoke stream).




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