Hololive Idol Korone Inugami Releases First Original Song


Hololive idol Korone Inugami has just released her first original song Korone no Saikyou Tensai Wonderful World (The Wonderful World of Korone).

The new song is the VTubers first original track. In the past she’s performed covers of other songs in both karaoke streams and in an idol concert with fellow Hololive stars like Okayu Nekomta.

Korone debuted in 2019 as part of Hololive Gamers, a new generation including Okayu Nekomata, Mio Ookami, and Fubuki Shirakami (Fubuki has the unique distinction of being part of both Hololive Gamers and Hololive First Gen).

The new song features heavy use of chiptune-like sounds to reflect Korone’s status as a member of Hololive Gamers, and also includes numerous memes from her stream such as “XPotato”, “Yubis”, and “Hey Guys!”, the latter being a “magical spell to summon overseas viewers”.

You can find the new music video for Korone no Saikyou Tensai Wonderful World below.

While Hololive is largely known for their video game streaming, Cover Corp has expanded their idol operations in recent months. This includes opening preorders for a new original album featuring over a dozen Hololive singers.



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