Hololive’s Usada Pekora Joins Twitch

Usada Pekora

Hololive third generation’s Usada Pekora has created an official Twitch account.

Hololive, a virtual YouTuber/Idol group streams almost exclusively on YouTube. This makes Pekora’s opening of a Twitch account an outlier within Cover Corp’s business model thus far.

This move to Twitch doesn’t appear to be a permanent change however. Instead, the shift to Twitch appears to only be for “Watch Parties” streams where fans watch a movie along with their favorite streamer.

Hololive already conducts Watch Parties on YouTube, but this requires fans to independently acquire a copy or license of the film and watch it in sync with the streamer.

However Twitch, which is owned by Amazon; has integrated its Prime Video service into Twitch for the explicit purpose of facilitating these Watch Parties.

Instead of scrambling to find a copy of the film to watch along, Twitch streamers are enabled to stream the film directly from their Prime Video. Fans who join the stream will be required to sign into their Amazon Prime in order to confirm their own eligibility to watch the film through the user’s stream.

Unfortunately the film is region-locked so US fans will have to wait. But this could speculatively pave the way for members of HoloEN to host their own watch parties on Twitch.



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