Honeyworks Virtual Idol Duo LIPxLIP to Star in New Animated Film; The Fun Side of This World ~Secret Story Film~

honeyworks lipxlip

The idol duo LIPxLIP from HoneyWorks will star in an upcoming film titled この世界の楽しみ方~Secret Story Film~ (The Fun Side of This World ~Secret Story Film~).

The film was announced with a special video uploaded by HoneyWorks, which features the two characters of LIPxLIP talking about the upcoming movie. HoneyWorks began as a composing circle for Vocaloid music, and has grown into a multimedia franchise including light novels, and now animated films.

Known for the series Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~, which fictionalizes HoneyWorks as an in-universe record label, HoneyWorks has created a setting that contextualizes their virtual idols and gives them background.

Idol duo LIPxLIP consists of Yujiro and Aizo. Yujiro is a stoic playboy who’s popular with women, while Aizo remains a mystery, and not much is known about his private life. Together the two make up the group LIPxLIP under the fictional HoneyWorks record label.

You can watch the trailer for この世界の楽しみ方~Secret Story Film~ below.

No release date for この世界の楽しみ方~Secret Story Film~ was announced at this time. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Editor’s Note: The Fun Side of This World ~Secret Story Film~ is not the official English translation, but the translation by the writer. There is currently no official English translation for the title as of this time of publishing. Online dictionary Jisho was used to assist with kanji.

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