Interspecies Reviewers Gains Additional Japanese Broadcast Channel

Interspecies Reviewers

In a rare turn of events, Interspecies Reviewers has gained another Japanese channel to be broadcast on.

We had previously reported that Interspecies Reviewers had been removed from two Japanese TV channels (Tokyo TV, and Sun TV). Now, the official Twitter for the anime (along with Anime Anime, via Anime News Network), have revealed that the show will now broadcast on Biwako Broadcasting (literally “Lake Biwa Broadcasting”).

Starting March 7th, the channel will broadcast two episodes every Saturday, finishing with the 11th and 12th episodes (broadcasting on April 11th).

It seems likely this is to enable the show to catch-up with the schedule on other channels (AT-X, BS11, and KBS Kyoto). This version will be the censored version, while the uncensored version will remain exclusive to AT-X.

For those unfamiliar with our prior coverage, Funimation announced they would no longer be streaming or dubbing the show, as it “falls outside of [their] standards.” This was after three episodes and been subtitled, and one episode had been dubbed. Other streaming networks such as Amazon Prime Video and Wakanim would later join them.

We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Image: Interspecies Reviewers Official Website

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