Ishida Sui Announces New Series: Choujin X

Choujin X

A new series from the creator of Tokyo Ghoul Ishida Sui has been announced; the series is called Choujin X (which loosely translates to Superman X according to Google).

Ishida is well known for his original series Tokyo Ghoul which premiered in 2011. His other work includes storyboards for the shounen series Hunter X HunterChoujin X will be his second original series.

The series is published in Japan by Shueisha and is available in English through Viz Media’s Shonen Jump web page. The first chapter is available for free and can be found here.

The “Choujin” appear to be superhuman entities similar to the heroes in My Hero Academia or even more accurately they’re comparable to the “Enemies of Humanity” in Talentless Nana. The series shows a darker take on what humans endowed with super powers could do and the damage they could cause being superpowered beings above the law.



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