Japanese Hashtag About VTuber Feet Trends in the United States

Gawr Gura

A Japanese hashtag “#Vtuberの靴が見たい” began trending in the US on March 15th and features famous VTubers posting pictures of their feet.

Twitter is no stranger to esoteric hashtags and phrases somehow making their way to its trending section; such as the recent Astolfo, or one of the many Minecraft YouTuber memes. However it’s unusual to spot a hashtag featuring Japanese characters trending in the United States.

Translated as I Want to See VTuber Shoes, the hashtag has taken off with multiple VTubers posting pictures of their shoes. The trend has expanded outside of Hololive, with other VTubers such as VShojo’s Iron Mouse and independents like Kyuotto also posting pics of their feet.

The popularity of VTubers in the west has grown since Cover Corp announced their first English generation Holo Myth late in 2020. Since then, other VTubers like the group VShojo have made their formal debut, alongside countless independent creators trying to ride the proverbial wave of popularity for VTubers.



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