Japanese-Korean Pop Girl Group NiziU Formed, Pre-Debut Digital Mini Album Launches June 30


JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Japan have revealed the members making up Japanese-Korean pop girl group NiziU, from Nizi Project.

Nizi Project is effectively an idol and singing competition, which began in February 2019. After 26 entrants were whittled down to 14. These 14 (in the second season) were then trained.

Now, Asian Junkie reports that the remaining nine have formed NiziU (Nizi meaning “rainbow,” and sounding vaguely like “need you“). These are Arai Ayaka, Yamaguchi Mako, Katsumura Maya, Ogou Mayuka, Suzuno Miihi, Nina Hillman, Oe Riku, Yokoi Rima, Hanabashi Rio. While all the girls are Japanese natives, Hillman is Japanese-American; born in Seattle, Washington.

The groups “pre-debut digital mini album” Make You Happy is set to launch June 30th in Japan and South Korea; containing four songs,(Make you Happy, Baby I’m a Star, Boom Boom Boom, and To Beyond the Rainbow)The groups’ first true debut album is set to launch Autumn 2020.

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Image: NiziU official website

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