Japan remembers victims of the Kyoto Animation arson attack

On Monday, July 18th in Japan, a memorial service was held to remember those who lost their lives in the infamous 2019 Kyoto Animation arson attack.

Around 120 people, including the victims’ families and coworkers held the service. At 10:30 am, they observed a minute of silence, the same time that the attack started.

Those who attended left flowers and offered prayers for the victims at an alter that was decorated with 36 sunflowers.

In a statement, Kyoto Animation president, Hatta Hideaki said that he regrets the loss of life even now and hopes that the studio will keep the victims in their hearts and memories as they continue to create new works.

The arson attack on the Kyoto Animation building took place on July 18, 2019 when 44-year old, Aoba Shinji walked into the building with eleven gallons of gasoline and began to pour it over the ground and employees before lighting the fire.

He set himself on fire as well and attempted to flee the building but was captured not far from the scene of the crime. The motivation for the attack appears to be based on a deluded sense that the studio plagiarized Aoba’s ideas.

Aoba wrote a novel and had submitted it to Kyoto Animation but it failed inspection and was tossed away.

It has later been discovered that Aoba’s example is a scene from the fifth episode of the anime Tsurune where a character buys discounted meat was similar to his novel.

Aoba has not gone on trial yet and it is unclear when he will, but many of the victims’ families hope that the trial will happen soon so that some of the elder family members will finally get closer.



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