Kyoto Animation’s Delayed Free! Movie Premieres 2021

Free! Movie

Kyoto Animation have announced the premiere date of the delayed Free! movie.

The original anime acted as a sequel to the light novel High Speed!, and premiered in 2013. It ran for three seasons, and three films. The story focuses on high school student (at the beginning of the series) Haruka Nanase. Talented at swimming, he forms rivalries and friendships with fellow students.

Eventually he joints the school’s swimming team, and learns to cope with preparing for tournaments and how his friendships change as he and his friends get older.

The film was originally slated to launch in Summer 2020 (then titled Free!-Road to the World- the Dream), but was postponed after Kyoto Animation suffered a deadly arson attack last year which left 35 dead and more injured.

However, it seems Kyoto Animation is resuming their work. The premiere date of the second season of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, another Kyoto Animation show, was announced earlier this week.

You can find the new teaser trailer below.

The Free! movie premieres 2021 in Japan.

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