Macross Frontier Short Film Premieres October 8

A new short film based off of Macross Frontier will enter Japanese theaters October 8th.

The short film is based off of the third series in the Macross universe and will feature the return of characters from the 2008 anime series.

The Macross franchise began in 1982 with its first anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross. This series was eventually repurposed and redubbed to create the 1985 American series Robotech.

The series follows the future of Earth after a city-sized alien spaceship collides with the planet. After rebuilding and relaunching it, humanity becomes a spacefaring species. The Macross Frontier series in particular follows the passengers of the colonial fleet searching for a new home in the center of the galaxy.

The short film will release together with the new feature film MACROSS DELTA ZETTAI LIVE!!!!!!



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