Mariya Takeuchi’s Plastic Love Available on Spotify Worldwide

Plastic Love

The popular song Plastic Love from Mariya Takeuchi has been made available worldwide on the music streaming platform Spotify.

The hit song Plastic Love from Mariya Takeuchi debuted on her hit album Variety in 1984. The song has been covered many times in recent years (including by HololiveEN’s Gawr Gura).

A recent resurgence of the “city pop” genre which includes soft Japanese funk and rock has seen the song return to prominence. The song is also credited as a key inspiration to the contemporary genre “Future Funk” by the Japan Times.

Despite the song’s exploding popularity in the United States and elsewhere, like many Japanese songs access has been restricted on Spotify due to licensing issues.

The Twitter account @AniPlaylist reported the song’s newfound availability on Twitter. The account is known for publicizing anime tracks and other Japanese music when they’re made available on the streaming platform.

Due to the song’s resurgence in popularity Warner Music Japan produced a music video for the song in 2019; 35 years since the song’s debut in 1984.

You can watch the Plastic Love music video below.

Plastic Love can now be found on Spotify worldwide.

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