Megaton Musashi Season 2 Announced

Megaton Musashi

A second season has been announced for the series Megaton Musashi which premiered earlier this year.

The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, where aliens have wiped out over 99% of humanity. The remaining humans have sequestered themselves in shelters while the aliens live underground and scour the planet.

One of these villages, Ixia lives in relative peace. The villagers have no memory of humanity’s downfall, save for a select few who pilot giant mechas in order to take the fight to the aliens.

A summary from MyAnimeList can be found below.

In an ordinary town, there are people who live a peaceful and fulfilling life. But they don’t know that it is a false peace. The untold truth… The earth has already been destroyed…

99.9% of the human race has been wiped out by a mysterious alien force from outer space. The enemy is named “Dracters.” Eventually, a large hole was drilled in the earth and terraformed into a suitable environment for the aliens to live. Humans have no choice but to hide in shelters to escape their eyes. Waiting for the day of resurrection, which they do not know when it will come…

The inhabitants of the shelter Ixia have had their memories of the day of destruction erased, and live a normal life without knowing anything about it. However, some of them, the “chosen ones,” have become pilots, driving giant robots called “Rogue” and fighting against aliens. Today, another new pilot is selected…

The second season announcement can be found on the official site for the anime here.




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