Merryweather Media and Hololive Collab for Calli’s Christmas Catastrophe

Calli's Christmas Catastrophe

Merryweather Media has released a collaborative project with the virtual idol group Hololive. Calli’s Christmas Catastrophe is a series of animated comics featuring and voiced by the girls of Hololive.

Merryweather Media is mostly known for their comics featuring “meme girls”, “browser girls”, and “minecraft girls” alongside original shorts. Animated shorts aren’t new ground for Hololive who release a weekly episode of their series Holo no Graffiti every Sunday.

However animated shorts with traditional images instead of 3D models are a recent development for the idol group. Most recently the Hololive collab group UMISEA got to star in their own mini-series of animated shorts.

The new series from Merryweather Media features the girls of HoloMyth, most notably Calliope Mori. In the series, Calliope takes it on herself to try and give her friends a Christmas that they won’t forget as thanks for helping her.

You can find the first episode of Calli’s Christmas Catastrophe below.

You can checkout Merryweather Media’s other animated projects on their YouTube channel here.



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