Mieruko-chan Volume One Available in English


The paranormal comedy series Mieruko-chan comes to the west from translator and publisher Yen Press.

Mieruko-chan follows the life of the titular Mieruko who’s burdened with the ability to look into the spirit world. All around her are strange and grotesque spirits that are violent at worst and disturbing at best.

Mieruko’s only method of dealing with them is to simply pretend they don’t exist, a good move as the spirits are curious towards those who are able to see them and more often than not hostile. It doesn’t help that her best friend unknowingly draws spirits towards her however.

You can read a summary of the first volume from Yen Press below.

A normal girl was living a normal life-until she wasn’t.
One day, she could see…everything. What’s a girl to do when hideous monsters appear no matter which way she turns?
And on top of that, nobody else can see them!
Obviously, there’s only one thing that makes sense-ignore them.
Kinda hard to put theory into practice, though, when
the ghosts know she’s watching…

The first volume came out in Japan in April 2019 and is now on its fourth volume. The English release of the series has only just begun with the first volume releasing earlier this month.

Image: Twitter


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