Japanese YouTuber Mikeneko debuts VTuber avatar


The Japanese YouTuber Mikeneko has just debuted with a new VTuber avatar.

Mikeneko is an “Utaite” from Japanese video hosting site Nico Nico Douga and has since been active on YouTube and Twitter. She recently became active again back in February of this year around the same time Uruha Rushia was terminated from Hololive (you are invited to draw your own conclusions).

At the time, Mikeneko says she was encouraged by both Japanese and “Overseas Viewers” (Kaigai-Nikii) during a time where she thought she should just quit.

Now with a new YouTube channel, Mikeneko has achieved over 700,000 subscribers. Her debut stream as a VTuber which premiered on April 24th opened with a peak viewership of over 30,000 concurrent watchers.

Most interestingly, her stream featured an experimental auto-translator in the bottom left corner of her stream, opening the possibilities for overseas viewers to enjoy her live content even with weak Japanese skills.

You can find Mikeneko’s debut stream as a VTuber below!


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