Monster Girl Encyclopedia Fandom Wiki to Close in Two Weeks, Cites Fandom Purge of Adult Topics

Monster Girl Encyclopedia

The Fandom wiki for Monster Girl Encyclopedia will be shut down in two weeks, due to an alleged purge of all adult content on Fandom.

Editor’s Note: This article contains links to content where reader discretion is advised.


As the name would suggest, Fandom specialize in wikis made by fans. Twitter user @BepDelta recently noted, the Monster Girl Encyclopedia Fandom wiki noted that pages dedicated to more adult-orientated games and shows have started to mention major changes coming November 24th. These include purging sexual content.

In the case of Monster Girl Encyclopedia, a “monster manual” featuring high-libido monster girls from Kenkou Cross, the entire Fandom wiki will be shut down. The pop-up note from “Sannse” notes “Fandom is removing wikis on topics that contain large amounts of sex, nudity and/or fetish material. Even if the wiki itself is kept ‘clean’, we are still unable to host it.”

However, our own research into Fandom wikis of some adult-orientated series feature no such warning; with the exception of the Monster Girl Quest Fandom Wiki- also run by Sannse (an eroge visual novel inspired by the Encyclopedia). We will keep you informed as we learn more.

The rules of conduct in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia noted that all content uploaded had to be safe for work due to Fandom’s own terms of service (i.e. non-pornographic, featuring no gore or extreme violence, etc.), though pages themselves would still feature sexualized artwork and descriptions. While seemingly focused on series with “large amounts” of sexual content, it is currently unknown where the line is drawn.

For example, the TYPE-MOON Fandom wiki notes that the Fate/stay night and Tsukihime series both began as eroge visual novels. While the series has moved away from this, this is nonetheless part of the series history. Some pages feature descriptions of sex, and even descriptions of sexual abuse in character histories. Nonetheless, these are not the focus of that Fandom wiki overall.


The scenario could be compared to when Tumblr banned all pornographic content from its website in 2018. Some believed this was in response to the new anti-sex trafficking laws introduced at the time; holing website owners accountable when anyone users their website for such a crime. This lead to Craigslist removing personal ads in 2018 as well.

It could be Tumblr feared it would be unable to monitor all user activity to prevent the upload of illegal content or services. In turn, this may be what Fandom fears; deciding it is better to purge en masse than leave themselves open to a loophole or someone using their website for illegal content.

The two week pause was noted as a way for users to copy the content and find a new host.

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