Netflix Enters Partnerships With Anime Studios MAPPA, Science SARU, NAZ, and Mir

Hot on the heels of Netflix announcing an anime festival of sorts, the publisher has announced they’ve entered partnerships with several talented Asian animation studios, including: Japan-based studios Studio MAPPA, Science SARU, Studio NAZ, and finally South Korea-based Studio Mir.

The new “Production Line Partnerships” for all of the studios means Netflix will have a seat on their Production Committee for their upcoming projects. The Production Committee for various anime typically includes companies ranging from the publisher, a manufacturer for merchandise, licensing/streaming platforms to distribute the title, and more.

Considering Netflix is both an original content producer and one of the largest digital video streaming platforms on the planet, this means pretty much anything coming out of the above studios will be coming to Netflix as well. Previously, Netflix entered production line partnerships with Production I.G. for the exclusive Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 CG series.

Here’s a teaser video:

Netflix has other production line partnership-made projects coming in the future, including titles like Super Crooks by studio bones, Spriggan by David Production, and more.



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