New Trailer for Feature Length Anime The Girl from the Other Side

The Girl From the Other Side

A new trailer has released for the upcoming feature length anime The Girl from the Other Side.

The Girl from the Other Side began as a manga in 2015 by creator Nagabe. The series ran for nearly 6 years before concluding in March 2021.

The anime features a unique art style evocative of a fairy tale book with rough line art and muted colors. A synopsis of the series from MyAnimeList can be found below.

Long ago, there was a god of light and a god of darkness. While those devoted to the god of light experienced happiness and good fortune, the god of darkness would play tricks on the people and steal their joy. And so, as the legend goes, the god of light decided to punish him by turning him into a monster. Enraged by this, the god of darkness wielded his punishment as a curse in order to inflict suffering upon others. Because of his actions, he was banished to the Outside, where he and his monstrous children are to remain for eternity, while those from the Inside must never come in contact with someone from the Outside, lest they be cursed with a hideous form.

A little girl named Shiva, an Insider, is found by an Outsider she comes to know as Sensei. Though they cannot touch, Sensei cares for Shiva as best he can, and together they live a moderately happy life. But soon, Shiva not only finds herself in danger from the Outside, but from her own kind as well.

At the time of publishing, an English release of The Girl from the Other Side has yet to be announced.


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