November 27 Episode of The Faraway Paladin Recaps Episodes 1-7

The Faraway Paladin

The episode of The Faraway Paladin scheduled for November 27th will be a recap episode of the first seven.

Announced earlier this yearThe Faraway Paladin follows William G. Maryblood, a young man who was abandoned in the frontier. He’s taken in by three undead, the skeleton warrior Blood, the mummy priestess Mary, and the ghostly mage Augustus.

Together, the three raise William while watching over the seal of the High King, a powerful demon that the three sealed away when they were alive. As William grows older, encouraged by the goodliness of his adoptive parents he’s soon forced to say goodbye after swearing his life to Gracefeel, the goddess of flame and passing on.

The series does feature an underlying isekai plot but it remains in the background throughout the first part of the series.

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