Paradox Live anime announced

Paradox Live

An anime series based on the multimedia franchise Paradox Live has been officially announced.

Paradox Live is a multimedia franchise which follows a group of young men who engage in “rap battles” on behalf of their groups. The singers project illusions during their performances using a substance called “phantometal”.

You can read a summary of the franchise from Wikipedia below.

In the near future, amidst the Hip-Hop culture rises a new movement called “Phantom Live”. The rappers create illusions linked to their emotions using chemically reactive accessories that contain a metal called “phantometal” with their own DNA to enthuse young people on a brilliant stage. Behind the scenes, however, they suffer from “traumatic illusions” as a side effect.

The Paradox Live’s story follow four groups who are immensely popular with their respective genres. BAE, The Cat’s Whisker’s, cozmez and Akan Yatsura (悪漢奴等). They will lead the way to the legendary club called CLUB PARADOX where the mysterious gathering occurs. In order to prove that their own music is the number 1, they participate in battles. The curtains are raised to this illusionary stage battle where light and darkness come together in a swirling frenzy.


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