Plastic Love Receives Music Video 36 Years After Release

Plastic Love

Originally releasing in 1984, Mariya Takeuchi’s Plastic Love has received a music video 36 years after its original release.

Plastic Love was originally released in 1984 in Takeuchi’s album Variety, and when the title released as a single in 1985 it only reached #86 in the Oricon single charts. In a surprise revival, the song recently placed in the top 10 in the same chart in 2021.

The song is considered to be a prime example of the “City-Pop” genre; which is typically identified by its 80s aesthetic, typically Japanese lyrics, and upbeat tempo and melody. Other songs in the City-Pop genre include Telephone Number by Junko Ohashi, and Dress Down by Kaoru Akimoto.

In 2017, a fan of the song uploaded Plastic Love to YouTube, using a photo of Takeuchi from her single Sweetest Music/Morning Glory. Despite not originally being affiliated with the song, the video’s popularity (46 million views at the time of writing) has seen the image reused for the recent re-release of Plastic Love as a vinyl single earlier this year.

The new music video for Mariya Takeuchi’s Plastic Love can be found below.

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