Pokemon Anime Resumes Production


The new Pokemon anime series will resume production after initially being put on hiatus due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported previously reported, production had halted due to the coronavirus pandemic and the series had begun airing reruns instead of new episodes.

According to a Twitter post from the official series account, new episodes will resume airing June 7th in their usual time slot of 6 p.m. JST. This comes just as Japan has officially ended its state of emergency.

“<Notice from the program> Following the cancellation of the “Emergency Situation Declaration” due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have resumed the program production that was temporarily suspended. Along with this, the animation “Pokemon” will resume broadcasting the latest episode from the evening of June 7th (Sunday) at 6pm. Please take a look!”

Translation: Google Translate

The new season of Pocket Monsters follows Satoshi (Ash) and his new companions Gou (or Go). Pokemon and regions from all of the mainline game’s “generations” will be featured. The newest season titled Pokemon Journeys: the Series in English, will begin streaming on Netflix on June 12th.

The resumed production may also mean we will soon see more episodes of Pokemon: Twilight Wings, which was postponed on May 15th.

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