Pokemon Journeys Premieres in the West via Netflix on June 12

Pokemon Journeys

The Pokemon Company International have announced that the latest Pokemon anime series, Pokemon Journeys, will head to Netflix on June 12th.

The 23rd Pokemon series (now dubbed Pokemon Journeys in the English dub, Pocket Monsters in Japan) sees Ash and his new friend Goh explore the whole world of Pokemon.

This differs from prior series, which typically focused on one “region,” based on the latest mainline Pokemon game at the time. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launched in late 2019- while the series based on Sun and Moon was still running.

Ash is still trying to be a Pokemon Master, while Goh wants to catch one of every Pokemon- including the mythical Mew. Together the pair explore the entire Pokemon world, helping Professor Cerise (spelling via Bulbapedia) study Pokemon to better understand the world.

The series was recently delayed in Japan, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So far there have been 22 episodes (according to fan databases Bulbapedia and Serebii), and three episodes that have not been broadcast.

While not confirmed, the pandemic may have caused delays for the English dub of the most recent episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings. The prior three episodes had been released on YouTube in both English and Japanese at the same time.

According to the official Pokemon website, the first 12 episodes will be available on June 12th, with an additional 12 episodes added every three months for the duration of the show’s season. What will happen when the series catches-up to these episodes will remain to be seen, though by September we will have to see how the world is.

They also note the show’s dub intro will be done by band Walk off the Earth. We may be hearing a small part of that in the trailer, but we cannot confirm this. The official UK Pokemon website has stated the series will premiere on September 1st, via UK TV channel POP.

You can find the Pokemon Journeys official trailer below.

Pokemon Journeys premieres in the west June 12th on Netflix, and September 1st on POP in the UK.

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