Pokemon the Movie: Coco Debut Trailer, Premiers July 10

Pokemon the Movie: Coco

A new trailer for the next Pokemon movie has been revealed, Pokemon the Movie: Coco.

While short, the trailer revealed a few pieces of information. You can view it below:

Along with Ash sporting his Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us design (likely indicating this will be a continuation of the movies’ alternate continuity that started with Pokemon: I Choose You!), a rather interesting thing of note is the altar. Fans quickly noticed [1, 2] it seems to resemble the same alter from the fourth Pokemon movie Pokemon 4Ever.

With Pokemon: I Choose You! essentially retelling the first episode of the anime, and Pokemon: The Power of Us using some elements of the second Pokemon movie (called “Pokemon: The Power of One” in Japan), Pokemon the Movie: Coco may use elements of Pokemon 4Ever. It certainly raises questions about who the “wild-child” and baby are if you know the plot of 4Ever.

Pokemon the Movie: Coco poster

Confirmed staff (via Comic Natalie) include Tetsuo Yajima (director Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us, Pokemon: XY) will direct, and Atsuhiro Tomioka (writer of many Pokemon TV animes and movies) will handle scripting.

Pokemon the Movie: Coco premiers July 10th in Japan.

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  1. Angry studio
    Angry studio
    January 16, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Pokémon x Tarzan crossover?
    Never saw that coming