Pokemon the Movie: Coco Second Trailer

Pokemon the Movie: Coco

The Pokemon Company International have revealed the latest trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Coco.

With translations of the movie’s plot from the official website (via Anime News Network, and Serebii), the film takes place in the Okoya Forest (an original location not in the games, as most of the Pokemon anime and films usually are).

The forest is a paradise for Pokemon, with strict rules to prevent outsiders from stepping inside. However, Ash manages to get inside, and comes across a boy who has seemingly been raised by Pokemon (the titular Coco).

Coco thinks a Pokemon- the recently revealed mythical Pokemon Zarude– is his father, and even considers himself to be a Pokemon.

Fans quickly noticed in the first trailer [12] a shrine seems to resemble the same alter from the fourth Pokemon movie Pokemon 4Ever. While some felt this would mean that Coco would be a remake of that film, it seems the Pokemon Celebi appears in both films (a Shiny one in Coco).

You can find the new trailer below:

Confirmed staff (via Comic Natalie) include Tetsuo Yajima (director Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us, Pokemon: XY) will direct, and Atsuhiro Tomioka (writer of many Pokemon TV animes and movies) will handle scripting.

Pokemon the Movie: Coco premiers July 10th in Japan.

Image: Pokemon the Movie: Coco Teaser Trailer

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