Pokémon: Twilight Wings Announced, Exclusive to YouTube, Premieres January 15

The Pokémon Company International have announced a new series of animated shorts heading to YouTube- Pokémon: Twilight Wings.

The seven episode series (with each episode being five minutes) will be exclusive to YouTube, and the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

The shorts will focus on the Galar region of the latest games, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, and “show in detail the dreams of Galar’s residents, the realities they face, the challenges they must overcome and the conflicts they must resolve. In addition to these new stories, fans can expect to see a variety of Pokémon originally discovered in the Galar region appearing in the capsule series.”

You can find the run-down on the staff and key art below:

Director: Shingo Yamashita
Screenwriter: Sou Kinoshita
Screenplay Director: Taku Kishimoto
Character Design: Shin Ogasawara
Color Design: Izumi Hirose
Art Director: Yusuke Takeda / Takamasa Masuki
3D Computer Graphics: Masato Takahashi
Filming Director: Katsuto Ogawa
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Animation by: Studio Colorido

In case you missed it, the first episode of the official anime was also uploaded to YouTube.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings will premier January 15th, 2020.

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    Nunya Biznesh
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