Police in a Pod Premieres 2022

Police in a Pod

An anime adaptation of the series Police in a Pod will premiere sometime in 2022.

Police in a Pod follows two female police officers who are assigned to the Machiyama police box. First is rookie cop Kawai Mai who seems unmotivated at first; she readily admits to being a cop mostly for the stable income it provides.

Things change a little as detective Fuji Seiko is reassigned to head things at the Machiyama police box. Inspired by her beautiful and competent new boss, Kawai might find the motivation to give it her all as a police officer.

The series is based off the ongoing series of the same name which began in 2017 from creator Yasu Miko. A live-action TV drama based on the series premiered in July of 2021.

An official trailer with English subtitles can be found below.

The series is a product of studio Madhouse; the studio is largely known for their work on Cardcaptor Sakura in the 1990s. Their more recent titles include One-Punch Man, Overlord, and A Place Further than the Universe.



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