Pop Team Epic Season 2 Announced for This Year

Pop Team Epic

A second season of Pop Team Epic has been announced for sometime in 2022.

Pop Team Epic began as a Japanese webcomic featuring surreal and absurdist humor. The series follows two young girls, Popuko and Pipimi in a series of sketches where the punchline is usually something random.

The series originally began as an independent webcomic online before being serialized in 2014 by Tokeshobo. An anime based on the webcomic first premiered in 2018. A known quirk of the series was having the main characters Popuko and Pipimi voiced by different voice actors each episode. Each episode also released twice with either male or female voices for the main characters.

A teaser trailer for the second season of Pop Team Epic can be found below.

While expected sometime in 2022, a formal premiere date has yet to be announced.


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